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1) How do I send a document or parcel abroad?

Contact us.

Fill an Airway Bill (Consignment note)(refer question 2)

Give us the document or parcel neatly packed.(special envelopes/Boxes can be provided)

For a parcel(also called a Non Document) give four filled invoices giving details of consignment .value etc.,

Track your consignment on our website

2) How do I fill in an Airway Bill?

Fill in all details of SENDER' & `Receiver' inclusive of telephone numbers, fax numbers, company name, dept name, ext no: etc.,

Give description of consignment.

If it is a document write as `dox'.

If it is a parcel give a brief description of contents (few words).

Mention the type of service required in appropriate box.

Write date/time of handing over of consignment.

3) What would be the charges for sending a document or parcel abroad?

The rate will depend mainly on whether it's a document or parcel, weight and destination. Please see Tariff and check with your local office for details.

4) Can I send a consignment on `Collect' basis?

Yes. Please check with your local office on formalities and destinations to which this service is possible.

5) Can I send a a) a gift, b) a sample, c) a Commercial shipment on courier mode.

(a) & (b) Yes. The value should not be high.

(c) A commercial shipment is best sent on Freight /Cargo mode as customs documentation is elaborate. Please check with our local office.

6) Are there any restrictions on what can be sent on courier mode?

Liquids, Plants, animal and human matter like blood samples etc, hazardous substances, cash, Jewellry and cash equivalent and IATA restricted items should not be sent.

7) Will boxes be provided to pack my consignments?


8) How do I know my consignment has been delivered?

Please track on our website You could also check with our local office.

9) Can I get a consignment picked up from abroad?

Yes. Please check with our local office the places from where this is possible.

10) Can I insure my goods?

Insurance is recommended for items of value. You could check with your insurance agent and with our local office.

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